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A real test of work-life balance

You wouldn't be wrong to think of Nafisa Kistan as someone who sits in the front row of life. She's at the front of the queue. She's just one of those people who is ahead.
Shortly after having been accepted into the institute as a CGMA, Nafisa was selected to be the speaker at the CIMA Annual Graduation Ceremony. At the same time Nafisa was selected as the new Operations Case Study lecturer at IBTC, about to take on a challenging new position and applied to start her ACCA studies. It's not uncommon for things in Nafisa's life to all happen at the same time … just to keep it real.
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Analysing case studies is a job for the experts


 So, you’ve passed your Objective Tests. Congratulations!  Now it’s time for the next hurdle - the Case Study Exam.  How are you feeling? Nervous or confident? We bet you’re feeling a little unsure as to what to expect and how best to prepare.

The truth is that there’s a magic formula. There’s a right way to do it and then there’s a hard way to do it. Are you on the right track or the hard track? There’s still time to find out and we’ve prepared some tips for you: 
First get the basics right:
  1. To start off, it’s always best to revise the key concepts from each of the pillar subjects. Know your PEST, Porter and SWOT.
  2. Know the pre-seen case study in depth (line-by-line, paragraph-by-paragraph) – we really do mean in-depth!
  3. List the most likely issues you expect to come up in the exam (key issues facing the company now or in the future)
  4. Try to match concepts from your pillar subjects to the issues.
  5. Practice answering questions and do timed mock exams.
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SAICA to CIMA Pathway


Recently SAICA and CIMA (representing AICPA) have agreed on a mutual expedited pathway for its members to attained either the CGMA designation or the CA(SA) designation. 

Why is this good news?
This is good news for SAICA members who may have found that their SAICA affiliation isn’t all that helpful abroad. With this new agreement, qualifying SAICA members are one exam away from earning the globally-recognised CGMA designation, membership in CIMA and membership in the AICPA and thus join a global network of 650,000 professionals and students. 
This is in turn also good news for CIMA students and CGMAs, as the new agreement provides qualifying CGMAs with an accelerated pathway to SAICA membership and the CA(SA) designation, which is still a highly-desirable accounting designation in a South African context.
The agreement provides eligible CGMA designation holders an accelerated pathway to the CA(SA) designation, and in return provides eligible SAICA members an accelerated pathway to the CGMA designation. 
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Why question practice is important


 If you feel you aren’t ready to write your CIMA Objective test, we have news for you: you probably aren’t. Not unless you’ve spent quite a bit of time doing exam-standard questions.

We wish we had some simple answers for you, but at the end of the day it’s about being properly prepared.  No one ever said that life was going to be easy, but we’re certainly going to try and make the road a little less bumpy for you! 
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Seven Steps to Expert Financial Management


Your business success relies on sound financial management. The first step towards achieving this is operating a well-managed budget. The budget lets you set income targets, establish spending priorities, and monitor revenue flow.

This knowledge can support better planning, which gives you more control over your business operations. To get started, we’ve identified six steps to creating a business budget that helps you sharpen your competitive edge, and build a more secure financial future.

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