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ICB Business Management

A business management qualification will fast-track your career. Employers value staff who understand various facets of management within the business sphere, from finance to communication and marketing - you will get a broad understanding of the skills needed to succeed in business.

One of the best business management courses to consider is the ICB Business Management programme. This course has various levels which all build on each other to build critical skills for better productivity, efficiency and performance in the business world.

This course is ideal for those wanting an introduction to business, as well as those wanting to change career paths or improve their CV for higher-paying positions.

Exam cycle

  • Runs from 1 April to 31 March each year
  • Exams written in May, July, September, November and February of the next year fall within the same exam cycle, and are based on the same curriculum. 

Note: The ICB updates its curriculum and study material annually. It is important that you pass your exam in the exam cycle that your material relates to.


To register for your exam:

  •  Register for your exam on the ICB's
  • An exam fee is payable for every subject you register for
  • Your annual student registration fee also becomes payable once you register for the first exam of a new calendar year. 


Click here to view the ICB exam timetable.


The format of the exam:

  • All ICB exams are paper-based, 3.5 hours long and count 180 marks.
  • You have to take your completed PoE with you on exam day. Your final exam paper will be included in the PoE, after which it is sent to the ICB for marking. 

Click here to view the ICB's examination policy.



Exam results information:

  • Results are released by the ICB approximately 7 weeks after the exam sitting
  •  It will appear on your profile on the ICB's Student Portal.
  • 70% of your final mark comes from the final exam, while your PoE counts for the other 30%.
  • You need to achieve a final mark of 60% to be found 'competent', while also achieving a minimum of 50% for the final exam. 

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