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We are so confident that our courses will get your CIMA Qualification the first time, that you can come back for free if they don't!

IBTC students perform better. That's because no college offers more study options and no college offers more question practice.

I tried it on my own and failed twice. Then I joined IBTC and with the tutor's support I passed first time. "Solomon Williams"

Attend classes with our experienced lecturers over weekends or weeknights, or study from home and access recorded lectures online. Then make sure you get enough question practice. The truth is that up to 40% of your time should be spent practice exam-standard questions. 

IBTC students perform better because they get more question practice than anybody else.

Speak to one of our course advisors today. Look out for our Open Days in Sandton, Pretoria and Cape Town in January, June and December and get your CIMA Qualification


Question Practice

 IBTC Question Practice model

Generally we advise students to study less and do more question practice. We have found that students spend too much time studying the content and forget to about question practice. 

Sufficient question practice, at various levels, is critical to ensure that you are exam fit. IBTC's courses have been designed to include three types of question practice at various intervals and at various levels of complexity. Follow our Study Plan to make the most of your studies.

Question practice, progress tests and mock exams - a recipe for success
There are 3 levels of testing in our CIMA courses:
Practice-and apply questions - to be done at end of each chapter. These will tell you if you can move on to the next chapter.
Progress tests - deal with a larger chunk of work and are more complex
Mock exam - covers all the learning outcomes and is similar to your final exam
To view where to find the question papers click here
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