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Study CIMA 2018

There are a good number of reasons why studying CIMA in 2018 is a good idea.


It is a professional qualification.

There has been a move away from studying academic qualifications (diplomas/degrees) to completing professional qualifications, which offer you more opportunities and better value for money.


It is a respected and well-known qualification.

The CGMA designation is powered by two of the world’s leading accounting bodies – CIMA and AICPA. It aims to establish management accounting as the most valued profession in business worldwide. 


It combines business and finance.

CIMA focuses on business, giving you more than just accounting knowledge. You will not only be financially qualified but also professionally trained in business management, capable of advising on business strategy and risk management.


It is recognised globally.

You can work around the world with a CIMA qualification. CIMA  has over 195,000 members and students in 176 countries.


It leads to the CGMA designation.

Being a CGMA is really quite comparable to the more commonly known CA(SA) designation, because you won't be an 'accountant' as such, but rather a business person. Someone who's involved in business management, strategic financial decisions, mergers and acquisitions, etc. 


CIMA syllabus is competency based.

The four generic finance competencies outlined in the CGMA Competency Framework are technical skills, business skills, leadership skills and people skills.


The weight placed on each competency shifts throughout your study level, from concentrating on technical skills in operational level, to a more even focus between the four key competencies in strategic level.


The CGMA Competency Framework underlines how all skills are underpinned by ethics, integrity and professionalism.


A CIMA qualification can increase your earning potential, even while you are still studying.

CIMA's global salary survey conducted in 2016 shows what you can expect to earn as a fully qualified or part-qualified professional.


It is also reported that the average basic salary for CIMA students are 13% higher than the national average salary for similar positions.


CIMA students also tend to get above-inflation salary increases annually.